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Success can be calculated with 21st century technology

Life-metric experts have always understood that people who win, those who succeed beyond their wildest imaginations, seek two key advantages − they must know themselves very well, and they must optimize their tendency for good luck. Grand masters of life-metric disciplines have always understood that both advantages can be determined with enough data in hand.

The ZeeQuest Founders brought together a renowned life-metrics expert with a famous computer scientist to figure out how to make this kind of personal success system accessible and affordable to everyone. Working with a team of programmers, they set out to create programmable ZQ PERSONAL SUCCESS PROFILES and a ZQ NAVIGATOR to calculate the probabilities of ideal timing for individuals.

5.8 billion trillion data combinations to calculate the ideal timing of 32 specific activities in a person's life.

The winning combination

Most people don't seem to notice that they fall into patterns of behavior − both positive and negative. Applied life-metrics is based on a proven approach to human behavior based on the principle that with self-knowledge you can reinforce positive behavior and break the patterns of negative behavior.

ZQ Personal Success Profile

Your ZQ PERSONAL SUCCESS PROFILE will blow your mind! It gives you amazing insights into your talents, strengths and everything you need to know to succeed in every aspect of your life. You'll love it.

ZQ Navigator

The ZQ NAVIGATOR is a personalized tool which calculates the ideal days for different activities on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. Think of the ZQ NAVIGATOR as a virtual mentor who whispers in your ear about the best times to engage 32 life categories in all.

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